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How to Navigate Game Day with Tasty, Healthy Recipes & Tips

How often do we get side tracked from our healthy living journeys because of a party, event, vacation or even a football game happens? The fact is life is going to happen and if you have a hard time jumping back in after getting side tracked then set yourself up for success! Here are my tips and a few recipes to navigate the super bowl successfully!

Here are some of my fav recipes:

Tips for Success!

  1. Drink your f-ing water!!! My goal is to always hit my water goal before any alcohol. Then space out drinks with water. You will be too busy peeing for any super bowl drama! lol

  2. Eat protein before heading to the party! Make sure you don't starve yourself all day so that you don't attack the apps as soon as you walk in the door.

  3. BRING something to share! I always bring something to share that is loaded with either protein, veggies or BOTH!

  4. When you fix your play make sure the majority of it has protein and veggies. Are you seeing a theme????

  5. Get a plate and fix it rather then eating directly from the chip bowl. This will help you keep track.

Remember that it's just one night and that you are under no obligation to continue eating like crap the entire following week! Our flex on this journey is our turn around time after choosing to treat! So jump back in with water, movement and good nutrition the next day!

If you need support then reach out! I run monthly bootcamps and we work together to create sustainable habits through all of life's events!

Visit my Program page to find out more:

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