About Kate

My Story


I was raised in Oak Park Illinois by a single mother who also loved to cook. Even though she was always
pressed for time we always had a great home cooked meal on the table and at dinner together every
night. I grew up with my 3 sisters in an amazingly diverse community.


After graduating from Illinois State University I married the love of my life and we settled in Brookfield, Illinois. Just a few blocks away from the famous Brookfield Zoo. We have an 8 year old boy and a 9 year old girl.

I love to throw events and parties and am an avid volunteer for the PTO of our school. I coordinate
events and love to entertain. I’m also a Girl Scout Leader for my daughters troop.


On this site you will find information on meal prep and meal planning, amazing clean recipes and
“how to” videos. I’ll try and share as much knowledge as I can. Enjoy all the information and message
me and let me know what you think. I’m always open to connect with peeps!

My Health and Fitness Journey


Being a foodie my whole life also means that I have always struggled with weight gain. I have never had
the best relationship with food and portion control. I’ve also been known to stress eat from time to
time, especially before big events that I’m organizing!


I started my health and fitness journey a little over a year ago. I started out with a clean eating program
and easy to follow exercise program. This combined with my health and fitness accountability group
and superfood shakes have paved the way for some pretty spectacular results. This lifestyle has been a
tremendous change for our family’s heath and after seeing such amazing results I decided that I needed
to help others do the same! The rest is history. I run monthly health and fitness accountability groups
and help others on their healthy fit journeys.

This lifestyle works and so does this program. If you are interested in finding out more about 21 day fix,
the containers or shakeology I would love to talk to you!

Get Fit,
Get Healthy and
Torch Your Self-Limiting Beliefs
Pounds Lost:  20

Inches Lost:  14

Gained:  confidence, energy and a new appreciation for life!

Get Cooking

Clean Eating

Portion Control

Great Food

21 Day Fix Recipes


I am a beachbody coach and these recipes are part of the clean eating portion Fix program that was
designed and created to produce results. Most of these recipes are 21 day fix approved or clean.
Eating clean does not have to be boring and can even be delicious! Please comment below on what you
like and what you don’t like!

Get In On This!

Coaching Opportunity - Creating a Life By My Design


Being a SAHM and then deciding that it was time to go back to work was the hardest decision ever. But I
knew that I we needed an additional income in the family. Trying to find a job that had the flexibility
and hours that I needed in order to continue volunteering and having flexibility to be there for my kids was next to impossible.


This coaching opportunity kind of fell into my lap one day—but it was meant to be; I don’t believe in coincidences. This journey has been more than just helping others on their healthy, fit journeys. I have experienced real transformation within myself through personal development, empowerment and working with our team! I am blessed each and every day to wake up in this life. A life I don’t need to take a vacation from. A life that is inspiring and fulfilling. A life where I LOVE Mondays and can’t wait to see what will happen next.

Does this sound like something you want in your life? I would love to explore this opportunity with you
and see if this is a fit! Please fill out the questionaire for this link and I will send you a message!

Brookfield, IL

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