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Salsa Verde Pork

I made this amazing salsa verde pork that is so legit you need to put it on your menu for next week! Served with mexi-cauliflower rice, black beans and all the fixings. The kids LOVE it!


Pork tenderloin

Dry rub of choice

Salsa verde


1. Cut up pork into sections & dry rub. You can let it sit in your fridge all day for better flavor or do it right before.

2. Sauté in instapot (or pan) I use avocado oil because it is a better heat conductor then olive oil. Add in half a jar of salsa verde.

3. Shut and cook for 1 Hour. In a crock pot I’m thinking on high 2-3 hours. ( look up cook time)

4. Shred up and add in additional salsa verde.

Enjoy! This would make an excellent meal prep meal as well! Double it & freeze half to make dinner for another night! Work smarter not harder!

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