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Meal Plan 8/27 - 10/2

I typically do my meal plan and go shopping on Saturdays. Then do some prep work on Sundays. Cutting and washing veggies, making muffins for the kids and browning meat or prepping dinners. I set a timer and I'm intentional.

New recipe this week is the orange chicken. If we like it I will post and share! I will also make some healthy banana muffins for the kids, their fav. I like to double the recipe and freeze half for later in the week because these go fast!

Here are link to a few of these recipes:

Mustard Chicken

Instapot Carnitas

Tuna Cakes

Chipotle Cole Slaw

Banana Blender Muffins

Make a plan or plan to fail. Please message me or comment below if you make or like any of these recipes! Let's create an awesome week ahead!

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