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Instant pot Group & Air Fryer Giveaway

I love my instant pot. As a high demand Mama always on the go I love being able to use my instant pot for quick weeknight meals. This year I got an air fryer for Christmas and between the two this mama is moving and grooving and loving the convenience of both!

A few things I absolutely love to do with my instant pot is shredded chicken and roasts! The shredded chicken is done in 12 minutes and then I take my Eletrcic mixer with beaters and shred it up in 30 seconds! Best kitchen hack ever.

Come join me for a week (starting 2/10) of fun hacks like this and instant pot recipes you will love! I will run the group from my Coach Kate Page on Facebook:


To Enter the Air Fryer Giveaway simply go and like my coach page and share my instapot promo to your personal page! That simple.

I will be sharing a weeks worth of recipes and demos like this:

I'm excited to give you some fun and yummy recipes that you can throw into your high demand Mom life rotation.

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